Nov 2005
By: John Kelman

"While Nesrallah’s laid-back style adapts easily to everything from folk to world music and more, Based in Blues may be the most direct and honest record he’s released to date. For fans of rootsy acoustic blues, Based in Blues is just what the doctor ordered."

Sep 1999
By: Lynn Saxberg

"After nearly two decades of writing and singing his own folk, country and blues-flavoured pop songs, the respected Ottawa musician found a rich source of inspiration in the Middle Eastern traditions of his childhood."

Sep 1999
By: Stephen Flood

"I'm always skeptical that there has to be this divine inspiration to create music... Being a musician is being involved in a craft

Mar 1999

" in vocal timbre, blunt in message, strong in groove."

Feb 1994

"...the Ottawa singer/songwriter is one of those rare artists with both creativity and business sense."

Jan 1988
By: Greg Barr

"...Ottawa singer/songwriter isn't quite ready to conform to the norm."